BTSCOIN will be listed on COINBENE Stock( MAY/1/2019. Thanks to all members interested in BTS COIN.

As BTSCOIN get confirmed on Stock, we are trying to swap coin to BTS COIN for the people participated in ICO. Please swap coins before listing for your convenience


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1st of May, BTSCOIN will be listed on the COINBENE Cryptocurrency Exchange who famous in the world. After listed, You can trade BTSc that you have.

※Attention: Cryptocurrency is a high risk Investment. Please be aware of risk and invest carefully.

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The activities of artists, investors, and consumers in the BTS PLAFORM will be transparently shared, and the distribution of revenue will be fairly based on blockchain. This will show the true fourth industrial revolution of the cultural industry. In the BTS PLATFORM, a creature can be jointly owned by many consumers and managed by the system. The rights of co-owned creatives are protected by legal property, and co-owners can view or use it at any time through the digital gallery.

Coin distribution

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  • Marketing
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  • Co-founder
  • Reserved
  • Public Distribution

Using Funds

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  • Marketing
  • Operation
  • Business Building
  • ETS
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Even players who have not used Cryptocurrency also offer a variety of Wallet for OSs for ease of use. In addition to basic Wallet functions, it also provides the ability to receive information services that are acquired within the BTS Platform directly.

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